Monday, November 23, 2009

Choosing the Best and Appropriate Topic for Dissertation

Dissertation is an academic paper which is usually presented before an academic panel, for the purpose of the successful completion of a course. Previously, dissertation was used to be associated with the courses related to philosophy and related doctorate degrees. However, with professionalism making a mark all over, all the major educational institutions and governing bodies have decided to implement the dissertation part in almost every doctorate and degree courses.

Students can have numerous sleepless nights and long-lasting anxious moments whenever the need for a good dissertation arises. Normally, such requirement arises at the end of the academic year, when most of the examinations are closing to finish. If the student has not prepared the dissertation in advance or made arrangements to make one, it can be a really daunting task to accomplish. It has been observed that, more than writing the dissertation, it is the selection of the subject or the topic of dissertation which holds the key to success. Due to lack of experience and absence of a guide, the student often ends up either writing a pathetic dissertation or copies a previous work by any other senior student. Plagiarism checks have become the routine these days, and any such attempt may lead to suspension. So, how can we select the right subject for the dissertation, and thus, how can we create the best dissertation?

Exploring further, we can safely declare that the sole purpose of creating a dissertation is to check the knowledge of the student, in the given field of interest. It is a way to judge the student’s compatibility and understanding of the subject and to determine whether the student can present the knowledge he or she has gained, to the desired audience. If the student has opted for management studies, and wish to become a manager after the completion of the degree, the dissertation work can surely showcase the capabilities of the student. Through the dissertation, the student’s knowledge (or lack of it) regarding the management theories and its practical implementation in the corporate world can be presented. Thus, in a way, the dissertation is a very strong tool. The student can immensely benefit from this system, by selecting the correct and relevant topic. On the contrary, if the correct and relevant topic has not been chosen, the dissertation can be a complete disaster too, and can ruin the efforts of the student in a single go. Dissertation work is a very delicate and sensitive requirement, and should be handled with a professional and planned approach. Few of the tips which can be used to create the best topic for the dissertation are:

a) Identify your strength and weakness in the relevant field. First mark the subjects which come naturally to you, and the ones which are a real pain. Based on that, the dissertation topic should be determined.
b) Make a planner. The date of the submission of the dissertation is announced in the beginning of the academic year. Based on that, make a clear cut plan, and create deadlines regarding the various sub-tasks associated with the dissertation.
c) Consult a good guide. This is a necessary requirement, as you can get the needed guidance while creating the dissertation. You should first approve the topic from him, before beginning the journey of dissertation.
d) Make it a habit of reading. Without a sound reading habit, the task of creating a dissertation may appear daunting. First, read any previous works or dissertation on your selected topic. This will ensure that you are not duplicating the original.
e) Involve the community and the educational institution in the dissertation. This can be the most fruitful exercise in the long run. The purpose of the dissertation is to get good marks and by involving the community and the environment, the panel will definitely vouch for your idea. Do something which can improve the present conditions, and thus, guarantee you a bright future in the preferred domain.

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